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  • Periodontal & Restorative Charting

    Provided software architecture, management & technical services for development of Dental Charting for existing Practice Management Software client. Dental Informatics Seminar

  • Environmental Monitoring

    Software architecture & program management of environmental monitoring, mapping and predictive software used in multi-parameter settings.

  • Alert-Alarm Notification

    Software architecture & voice of customer of drinking water intakes of the three rivers region of PA.

  • Voice of Customer

    Design and implement voice of customer for charting software used with well-known Practice Management System.

  • Process Engineering

    Design, develop and implement information and work flows. Quantification of efficencies.

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The Challenge: 4 out of 5 IT projects fail to deliver results as promised.

Why?: Only 20% have viable solution blueprints.

The Solution: Experienced and qualified teams using proven technology and process to architect and deliver solutions... as intended.

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